Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Still Missing

If you're into twisty, psychological novels, sink your teeth into Still Missing by Chevy Stevens. The book opens after the protagonist, Annie, has survived a year-long captivity. As she discusses her obvious issues in therapy, we find out the horrific events that transpired during her captivity. Her captor's true identity is still a mystery and naturally, she is having trouble with re-adjusting to life after her ordeal.

Instead of a book about a cop investigating her abduction (though there is a detective that helps her), we get Annie piecing together her own clues to help heal herself. Even though the author opens with the biggest reveal: Annie survives, she manages to still throw a couple of curves at us. If it was possible for the crime to become even more despicable, it does. And then it does again.

I would recommend this title if you're a fan of Gillian Flynn's books.

Still Missing by Chevy Stevens
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