Thursday, November 7, 2013

Downton Abbey for the Devoted

Calling all Downton Abbey fans! Join us on Saturday, November 9 at 2 pm for "Behind the Doors of Downton Abbey" (to ensure your spot, please register). The program will feature behind-the-scenes anecdotes, hidden details and historical context. 

Also, we've got plenty of books that will fill the void until the new season begins in January. Try out some of these titles:


And, of course, Downton Abbey Seasons 1-3 on DVD:

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  1. For the sake of fair play and to give American readers all the possible choices available may I please mention that as with the previous coverage in 2011 regarding the life and times of Lady Almina ( the colourful Fifth Countess) in two books ( The Life and Secrets of Almina Carnarvon” and Lady Carnarvon’s Nursing Homes “ both books with distinct differences of fact , my latest book " Catherine and Tilly: Porchey Carnarvon's Two Duped Wives. The Tragic Tales of the Sixth Countesses of Carnarvon" will play out for what its worth or not alongside Highclere's latest romp on Catherine Wendell. My narrative draws on original papers, newspapers and the Wendell papers in Portsmouth Athenaeum, in Maine as well as the good will of members of the Wendell family. It will also be based on interviews and testimony from several people who knew and dearly loved Catherine. A sketch of Tilly Losch the great dancer, and bit part actress, a sort of combined Madonna and Lady Gaga of her time, is included too. Kind Regards, William Cross, FSA Scot.