Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Party Time Cocktails!

Planning a summer get-together soon?  Liven up the party by trying out some new summer cocktails. Find your new favorite recipe in one of these mixed drink cocktail books and remember to drink responsibly!

Rum Drinks: 50 Caribbean Cocktails, from Cuba Libre to Rum Daisy (2010) by Jessica B. Harris. 
Call No.: 641.874 HAR
Written by a food scholar, this book provides the history of rum with a special emphasis on it's role in the Caribbean.  There is also a indepth explanation on different ingredients used and proper glasses.
Make me one!:  Mojito (p. 71), Yellowbird (p.110), and Zombie (p. 124).

Knack Bartending Basics: More than 400 Classic and Contemporary Cocktails for Any Occasion (2009) by Chery Charming. 
Call No.: 641.874 CHA
A good primer on different types of alcohol, how to serve them, and gives several different types of mixed drink recipes.  Drinks are divided into categories like "Twisted Classics," "World Flag Shots" and "Healthy and Green Drinks."
Make me one!: Blueberry Lemon Drop Martini (p. 73), Hemingway Champagne (p. 132), Strawberry Lemonade (p.157)

Mix Shake Stir: Cocktails for the Home Bar: Recipes from Danny Meyer's Acclaimed New York City Restaurants (2010).
Call No.: 641.874 MEY
This book is gorgeously photographed and full of interesting twists on classic recipes as well as lesser known cocktails.  
Make me one!: Thai Basil Bliss (p. 88), R and R- a rose and raspberry bourbon sweet tea (p. 139), Strawberry-Ginger Mojito (p. 165), Blood Orange Margarita (p. 177).

Trader Vic's Tiki Party: Cocktails and Food to Share with Friends (2005) by Steve Siegelman.
Call No.: 641.874 SIE 
Your go-to-guide for kitschy 1960's style tiki recipes!  Cool for retro parties.  The book also has alcohol-free cocktails for non-drinkers and designated drivers. 
Make me one!: Banaquiri (p.58), Pogo stick (p. 82), Shark's Tooth (p. 86).