Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Recommended Reads: Always a Bridesmaid Edition...

Wedding season is pretty much over this year; which means you can resume doing whatever you like on weekends and not having to get dressed up (well, for a couple more weeks anyway, when the holiday season begins).  However, it's not too late to relive the fun (or dread) with these two wedding themed reads.  Don't worry, I'm not a huge fan of weddings.  So if you aren't the type of person whose been planning your wedding since you were 12, you will still enjoy these books.

The Singles by Meg Goldstein
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The only thing worse than attending a wedding, is having to go to one alone.  This book follows the plight of five such unfortunate souls who choose to attend the lavish wedding of Beth "Bee" Evans solo, in spite of the bride's generous offer of a plus one.  Three of "the singles" are friends from college: Hannah- a bridesmaid who is worried about seeing her ex-boyfriend again; Vicki-who is suffering from depression, and Rob-who is unable to make it to the ceremony because of a sick dog.  Another single, Bee's Uncle Joe, is in the midst of mid-life crisis and develops a crush on the much younger Vicki.  The last single is Phil, a die hard momma's boy who is only attending the wedding because his mother is sick and can't attend.  There's a lot of drama, some life altering changes, and a little romance.  The Singles is a fun, light and short read.  I could definitely see this book being made into movie, especially since Hannah works as a casting director and basically casts the book.

Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
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This title follows a group of friends from the time they graduate to college to their early thirties.  Throughout this time period, the girls attend many, many weddings (including being bridesmaids for a bridezilla who demands a seemingly endless amount of bridal showers) and watch their friends pair off and settle down.  Women in their twenties and thirties will probably identify with at least one of the girls.  I really liked this book a lot.  It's smart, introspective, a little wistful and very funny.  Recommended for fans of Curtis Sittenfeld.