Thursday, July 1, 2010

Magazine-aholic: Real Simple

Hi, my name is Linda and I'm a magazine-aholic. One rag that fuels my addiction is Real Simple.

Real Simple (RS) is one of the most aesthetically pleasing magazines around. The covers are not crowded with headlines in crazy fonts and the articles are laid out skillfully while the photography is not overly fussy or pretentious.

But, enough about it's looks-- it's also got brains too: RS has extremely useful and relevant content. It consistently covers wide-ranging topics, besides the requisite features on beauty products and fashion. The product reviews are varied (from vacuums to sports bras) and well thought-out, they don't shy away from covering money issues, and the recipes have an attainable ingredient list.

The "Life Lessons" segement icludes a manners advice column and a guest essay each month on varying topics that, coincidently, relate to life lessons. "The Guide" covers fashion, beauty, health, home, and money. A popular featurette they've had for years is "New Uses for Old Things" where they suggest uses for common products that aren't, maybe, obvious. For example: use an empty and cleaned ketchup bottle to pour pancake batter on the griddle, use a toothbrush to remove the silk from corn cobs, or snap a photo with your digital camera of the map you need to navigate in a strange city-- you won't let on that you're a tourist by taking out your atlas and it's less cumbersome.

What is refreshing about this women's magazine is that it's not condescending. Let's just say that there has never been an article about how to get, keep, or satisfy your man. The editors and writers accomplished what they set out to do 10 years ago: create a simple (but not simplistic) magazine that deals with real everyday issues.

The library subscribes to this magazine. The current issue may not be checked out, however we have plenty of comfortable seating. Older issues may be checked out for 2 weeks.
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