Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer reading recommendations for August 23

The Castlemaine Murders by Kerry Greenwood
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“I really like the strong character of Phryne Fisher. It’s also interesting to read about Australia in the 1920s. Typical of this series of books, this one has a great balance of mystery, adventure, and romance.”
-- Leslie D.

Cold Light of Mourning by Elizabeth Duncan
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“Good mystery – 1st in series so a lot of set-up of the main characters but a lot of potential for misdirection. Is Victoria really as friendly as she seems or does she have a more sinister agenda for getting to know Penny. And why was Meg Wynne killed in the first place??”
-- Jeanne

The Lies About Money by Ric Edelman
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“This book explains a behind the scenes look at how investing works. Mr. Edelman shares his experience as a certified financial planner and what to look for in yours. This is a great book to read and you can use the concepts in these financially unstable times.”
-- Camille B.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire
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“An in-depth look into the mythical world of Oz through the eyes of Elphaba, who would later come to be known as 'The Wicked Witch of the West.' Her story follows the green skinned girl through her school days where she finds herself stuck with a snobby popular girl, Galinda, as her roommate. Galinda would go on to be known as 'Glinda—the good witch of the North.' Elphaba meets with the infamous 'Dorothy Gail of Kansas' and we learn the story of what happened between them from a different perspective.”
-- Patricia W.