Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stress Less

The library has the ability to create a space that is comfortable and safe and provides great resources to help connect people and ideas within the community. Enhancing the Fox River Valley Public Library District's community is one of the library's most important functions.How does our library do this? I have come to the conclusion, after my few short years as a professional librarian, this quest comes from within. The love and self-care we do each day contribute to how we take care the people around us. Especially, in today’s world we focus on flat screens, books, and other devices that only stimulate a portion of our brains and bodies in this vast wide world. We tend to forget to take care of ourselves by enticing our senses, meditating, stretching and moving our bodies, and relish in not only the joy but experience the ways in which we learn. 

What are ways you do self-care or self-nurturing on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis?
Would your self-care improve if you were involved in a group to come up with ideas, share tips, and create an environment where self-care is something that is valued and emphasized?

Here are some things to do on a daily basis:

Cup of Tea
Express yourself
Vision Boards

For more self-care tips here is a website with more information:

Fox River Valley Public Library District is hosting a few free classes coming up in December, January, February focusing on self-care. Please register online or by phone. Space is limited.