Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gifts for people you don't like, part 1: Glorious Christmas Crafts

Glorious Christmas Crafts: A Treasury of Wonderful Creation of the Holiday by Anna Hobbs
Call Number: 745.5951 GLO
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Though I can barely operate a hot glue gun without risking hospitalization, I come from a long line of crafty and handy people.  So naturally, a lot of the gifts I've received over the years have been homemade and, on occasion, terrible.  Some examples include:  sweatshirts "jazzed" up by use of glitter pens and bedazzlers,  a reindeer doorstop made out a sock and a soda liter filled with beans, several draft snakes, and not one, but two bat houses.  But hey, it's the thought that counts and as an adult, I appreciate these gifts in their odd glory, granted I haven't saved too many of them.

Glorious Christmas Crafts has some cute Christmas craft ideas for non-grinchy people who posses the talent and the will.  But since I can barely handle the task of wrapping the gifts I buy, I don't really care about those projects.  Instead, I'm highlighting some of the more head-scratching gift ideas and decorations in the book.  They are sure to make memorable if not appreciated holiday presents:

Name:  Cheeky Little Angel
Found on: page 42
Gracious acceptance:  Gee grandma thanks for the wonderful ornament.  I'll be sure to find a nice spot for in the back of the tree!

Name: Pipe-Cleaner Clown
Found on: page 91
Gracious Acceptance:  Just what I've always wanted--a conga line of zombie clowns!

Name: Child's yoked pullover
Found on: pages 59-62
Gracious Acceptance:  Awesome sweaters.  We'll wear them forever...and ever...and ever!

Name:  Glitzen, the Sock Reindeer
Found on: pages 94-5.
Gracious Acceptance:  That's something, huh?  The false eyelashes really add a glamorous touch.

Name: Chaps Apron
Found on: pages 118-9
Gracious Acceptance:  Finally, I can ride horseback and grill at the same time!