Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward Moments with Rocco Dispirto

 Just a dude, sitting on a stoop, petting my tomatoes.

Celebrity chef/ author/ awkward hand gesture-maker Rocco DiSpirito has several different cookbooks with delicious looking but healthy meals.  However, I mostly enjoy his cookbooks for another reason, DiSpirito's odd posing in photographs.  Blessed with generically handsome looks, DiSpirito could have been a Sears catalog model in another life.  Below are some of my favorite DiSpirito poses from his books:

Dog, you are the only one I can trust now. 
Yah, brah, I'm down with that!

So hot right now! 

 Mugger Chic:  It's a hard knock life for Rocco.

Ninja Chef: Any closer and I will throw this burger at your face!

 I hear what you are saying, little girl, and I completely disagree!

Shame Eating: Two burgers!  Bad Rocco, bad!

Passionate Eating: I can be your hero, burger. I can kiss away the pain.

Ain't nobody at Whole Foods gonna steal Rocco's wallet!

It tickles!  It tickles!

Sweet smell of success:  These cookies make it all worthwhile.

Check out more awkward modeling by Rocco (and recipes too) in one of his cookbooks:

Now Eat This! (2010).