Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's up with that? Romance novel character names

Let me clarify from the outset that I'm not dissing romance novels (I have read some, but it's not my usual fare)... I'm just pointing out an observation on their oftentimes ridiculous character names. I realize that romance novels are escapist, so the setting, time period and names will inherently be more unusual, but some are actually laughable. Where's Matt? Or Maggie? I know, not different enough. Try Cerynise Kendall and Beauregard Birmingham (who find love in Kathleen Woodiwiss' The Elusive Flame; I think it's the alliteration of his name that gets me on that one).

However, romance novels' cousin, chick lit, does find balance between naming characters uniquely without entering ridiculous territory. For example, in Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed (the movie based on this book will be in theaters May 6), the characters are Rachel, Darcy and Dex. Overused, everyday names? No, but you actually might know someone in real life named Rachel. Maybe it's the time periods that determine the names more so than the genre ...

For a little fun, check out this amusing Regency name generator.

So, have any funny character names to share?