Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell

Looking for a quirky idea for a summer vacation? Sarah Vowell took one of her own in Assassination Vacation. She details her trip to famous political assassination sites in America and her sister and nephew tag along for most of the ride. Vowell's trip is an excellent vehicle (pardon the pun) for presenting a bit of history, political and cultural education, and droll humor. It's also a great read for any true crime buffs, and possibly, armchair travelers. It would be hard to not find this book interesting on some level.

Better than high school history class, there's some interesting tidbits: For example, Vowell discusses the Robert Todd Lincoln "curse" in the book: Robert (Abraham's son) was present at his father's deathbed and two Presidential assassinations (Garfield and McKinley). After the death of McKinley, Robert declined to spend time with any other presidents.

Vowell has written several other history-related books and you may recognize her as a former contributor on Public Radio International's This American Life, and interestingly, the voice of daughter Violet in The Incredibles.

Assassination Vacation
Sarah Vowell
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